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Glorious Bao & Fried Rice is a rising star of Canada’s dining scene.

When it comes to authentic Taiwanese cuisine, we are proud to call ourselves the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.


''Other reviews are right. This is food prepared at restaurant level of quality, offered at food court prices. I was shocked by how simple egg fried rice could taste so light, yet flavorful. This is clearly cooked by a skilled chef. Had the chicken nugget combo, and will certainly try other menu options soon.''

Rosaline Oh

''Friendly service, excellent! Fresh and tasty food, impressive considering the location in the food court. I can definitely tell they go above and beyond for their customers.''

Ansa Farooqi

''Honestly - this was THE BEST meal (any type of food) that my partner and I have had in MONTHS. We are both huge foodies and love various ethnic foods in particular, and this was absolutely something special. What an absolute gem in the middle of a food court - this was absolutely restaurant quality food, and honestly better than most restaurants I’ve visited in the last year in Vancouver for such a great price.''

Amy Prystupa

"Glorious" is right! The food was spicy, fresh and made to order. I loved the mango pudding that comes with the combo (made with all milk according to the lovely lady working there today). Overall, I would say this place has great value and quality so I will definitely be back for lunch. Thank you!''

Aly Aly

''Very decent Taiwanese food! The popcorn chicken was pretty delicious and came with a big portion! The soup dumpling was very juicy and tasty. They warned me that it would take 15 mins for the soup dumpling but I waited for like 20 mins. Totally worth the wait! The pork in the gua bao was amazingly tasty. I will go back again!''

Sandra Bao

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